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Blade Technologies

Blade Technologies

Carbon Fibre Technology

A lightweight blade made from technologically superior carbon composite for unrivalled control and cushioned landings.

Innovative Blade Shaping

A tapered blade which centres your weight for ultimate control and stability during edge-work, allowing you to unlock your true potential.

Latest News


Mirai Nagasu pays back Michael Weiss for his support

It is reported that Michael Weiss, from the Michael Weiss foundation, was stunned when he first saw footage of Mirai skate and instantly provided her with a scholarship.


Congratulations Daniel Kulenkamp

Daniel skated to victory wearing his John Wilson Gold Seals at the US Skate Challenge in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Ashley Cain goes solo!

We’re so excited to see Ashley Cain’s first solo appearances at the Cup of China and Rostelecom Cup in November.