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Phoenix 99

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Phoenix 99

If you like the traditional Pattern 99 and want something even stiffer and lighter, you’ve found your blade. The Phoenix 99 features the iconic Pattern 99 curve with only one exception--the bottom tooth isn’t tapered and we’ve jacked up the stanchion height. While a tapered bottom tooth can help those seeking a bit of pre-rotation and unwanted drag, this blade targets the pure jumpers in the skating world. As you tap in on your take-offs, you’ll get a deep bite into the ice that will drive any Zamboni driver crazy! Your skating skills will also benefit from the higher stanchion height to prevent any slip-out from your boots on those deep edges the judges are always looking for. 46% lighter than the traditional Pattern 99, the Phoenix 99’s nano charged matrix formula will help you reach heights you never thought possible. Throw in a stainless steel runner packed with molybdenum and vanadium for good measure and you’ve got the toughest blade on the planet.

Rocker 8ft

Size Range 8"-11"

Also available in black:

What is Phoenix technology?

Our patented technology utilises a nano charged matrix formula to provide increased strength and performance. Officially the lightest blade on the market, providing increased energy saving and maximum air time.

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Blade Comparison Chart

Blade Primary Rocker Secondary Rocker Toe Pick Stanchion Height Blade Feature Available Size
Phoenix Gold 8ft Aggressive Cross cut High Parallel 8-11"
Phoenix 99 8ft Subtle Straight cut High Parallel 8-11"
Gold Seal Revolution 8ft Aggressive Cross cut High Taper 8-11"
Pattern 99 Revolution 8ft Subtle Straight cut Low Parallel 8-11"
Pattern 99 8ft Subtle Straight cut Low Parallel 8-12"
Gold Seal 8ft Aggressive Cross cut High Taper 8-12"
Coronation Ace 7ft Subtle Cross cut Standard Parallel 7-12"
Coronation Ace Lite 7ft Subtle Cross cut Standard Parallel 8-11"
Coronation Dance 7ft Standard Cross cut Standard Parallel 8-12"


Our blades are designed to endure the stresses of world-class competition. So all come with a lifetime warranty.